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Is it weird I find Garrus attractive?

Started playing the first game - and I don’t know why I like this guy.

It might just be his voice. I know I have a thing for voices, but his voice isn’t even that deep.

I wonder what my mom would say if I told her this dude was good looking as fuck.

Sunday, March 4th 2012 (11:37am)
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    See, it would be one thing for me to be totes lovin’ on the gray-blue alium man AFTER the game, but…I’m only 72 hours...
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    ^^^OMFG THIS GIF!!! O.o^^^
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    @coppermarigolds: You are not the only one, I also find the flanging effect of his voice is less obvious in ME2 than in...
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    I haven’t tried it, but I intend to. And screw it, I guess I’ll do ME1 again anyhow. I just have zero attachment to this...
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    No - you can get the gist of it from ME2. I just learned that I regret absolutely nothing as far as Garrus goes (not...
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    Garrus because he’s clever, awkward, funny, loyal and has a great voice. And I’m pretty sure some people would be...
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    It took me seven playthroughs to develop a crush on him, but I regret nothing. Well, I do regret one thing: not wanting...
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    in one of my replays of ME1 today, I realized that turians have an enhanced ideal male body shape—wide shoulders that...
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    If finding Garrus attractive is weird, then I’ll just hop aboard the Weird Train, take a ride over to Weird...
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    I was a bit Meh about Garrus in ME1 to be honest, but ME2 Garrus just.. HIT ALL MY BUTTONS. Miri’s thought processes...
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    I came to the game pretty late and knew that a lot of people with Good Taste were into Garrus, but I wasn’t quite...
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    "Like smooth coffee thrown through a desk fan with just a hint of Dalek" -best description of Garrus’ voice, EVER (tm)...
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    How can anyone not be attracted to this? Just a little, I mean…phallic fringe…wide shoulders…strong hands…he’s the...
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    "I wonder what my mom would say if I told her this dude was good looking as fuck." - hahaha, I’m curious about it too...
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    it’s cute when people play mass effect and discover garrus
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