The Fool's Den
I don't even post original stuff. I just spam pretty things. Leave while you have the chance. No seriously. Why are you still here.

Me During the Suicide Mission

Fucking Collectors and their fucking fuckery. *flip desk*

Is it weird I find Garrus attractive?

Started playing the first game - and I don’t know why I like this guy.

It might just be his voice. I know I have a thing for voices, but his voice isn’t even that deep.

I wonder what my mom would say if I told her this dude was good looking as fuck.

Asking my parents to order something online

When I ask to order something online:

When my brother asks to order something:


Accidentally clicked Kimi no Kioku.

So much for homework.

Watching One Knight With the King

You mam - are a Mary Sue.

"Do you really think I would care about being queen?"

Um - YEAH. That shit’s important AND CONSIDERING YOU’RE A PEASANT UM. I want to slap her I really do.

So I got Skyward Sword in November.

And I’m still stuck at the fucking Triforce place.

And my stupidity.