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I don't even post original stuff. I just spam pretty things. Leave while you have the chance. No seriously. Why are you still here.



the fact that pretty teeth are only known as “white” and “straight” is a manifestation of our hatred for minorities 

when people find a way to turn dental hygiene into a social justice issue, that’s when you know this website has gone overboard

I need to catch up with Kuroko no Basket

I haven’t read it in forever. I think I was like waiting for chapter 20 something. I just decided to read again since the anime and everything’s all over my dash. I went to check and NOW THERE’S LIKE OVER 100 CHAPTERS. WHAT EVEN. WHAT CHAPTER WAS I EVEN ON? HOW. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I READ THIS? I GUESS I SHOULD’VE EXPECTED IT TO BE PRETTY FAR IF THERE’S AN ANIME.

Latest One Piece chapter

I randomly imagined Minato dead




Good. Now that I have your attention, click on the underlined part and go vote Destiel. We are losing to Britanna from Glee. Hurry!