The Fool's Den
I don't even post original stuff. I just spam pretty things. Leave while you have the chance. No seriously. Why are you still here.

Raito - stop moaning all up in my ear.

God, this psychotic bastard makes the sexiest noises while sucking blood. Stop that. Seriously.

Have to finish two weeks of homework in two days.

Different motives for doing well in school.

Normal Person: Jobs want smart people, so I have to work hard.

Nerdy Person: I’m just smart so I’m smart.

Me: My mom will beat my ass if I fail.

So I was typing the beginning of my essay; which is about human frailty and sorrow. And so for the first sentence, or the attention grabber as many call it, I started typing:

    Human kind cannot gain anything without…

And of course the first thing that came to my head was Alphonse’s quote. I literally almost typed out his whole monologue without realizing it. Sho’.

I’m starting to think I fandub him way too much. Oh well. Love and respect to them Elric brothers. ♥