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I don't even post original stuff. I just spam pretty things. Leave while you have the chance. No seriously. Why are you still here.

when people get mad at you for disliking an english dub or japanese dub or whatever the fuck kind of dub. well excuse the fuck out of me for having a personal preference motherfucker.

I need to catch up with Kuroko no Basket

I haven’t read it in forever. I think I was like waiting for chapter 20 something. I just decided to read again since the anime and everything’s all over my dash. I went to check and NOW THERE’S LIKE OVER 100 CHAPTERS. WHAT EVEN. WHAT CHAPTER WAS I EVEN ON? HOW. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I READ THIS? I GUESS I SHOULD’VE EXPECTED IT TO BE PRETTY FAR IF THERE’S AN ANIME.