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Okay Rinda - you need to calm the fuck down

Remus has kept his mouth shut this entire journey and you don’t give a flying fuck about him - SO DON’T YOU GO YELLING AT HIM FOR BEING A FUCK YOU FUCK. He makes one little comment that goes against what you think and you flip the fuck out. Why don’t you try thinking about the well being of your family instead of your own selfish desires.

Has there ever been a time you listened to him for once? Um - no. I think not. When he whines and complains, you don’t support him - you tell him to shut the fuck up and act like your a high and mighty bitch. So don’t you tell him to shut the fuck up when he finally has something to say. The sorry kid gets no attention and is completely invisible so why don’t you do your fucking job and act like a fucking sister instead of a pompous selfish bitch.

Duke Norrise has to marry Amnelis

Amnelis: Who is this - he looks like a girl! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS SHIT.

Norrise: *takes off mask*

Amnelis: I’ve never seen someone so beautiful! WHAT IS THIS FEELING IN MY HEART?


Back off gurl, he’s my beautiful man.

"He must be captured alive - don’t use crossbows!"

Soldiers: *Pull out swords*


That definitely won’t kill him.

The only reason I’m still watching Guin Saga

Because of Guin’s badassery

Watching Guin Saga, english dubbed


The voice actor in me disapproves - and I’m a newb. :(

I gotta go voice act this with my friends now since we can’t possibly do any worse.