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I just want to clear something up


Eren is a fucking terrible main character. He’s so stupid and worthless that it’s a wonder he made it through the basic training. It makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER that Mikasa is interested in him. She needs a real man—someone who will treat her right. Someone handsome. Someone like Jean. I think Jean should be the main character because he’s better than Eren in every conceivable way. He’s taller, he’s smarter, he’s way better looking, and he can take Eren in a fight. On top of that, he has so much depth. He’s the lone voice of reason in an insane world. And his face! His gaze is dreamy and smoldering and his lips are full and kissable. It won’t be long until Mikasa realizes she is in love with me him.

In closing, Jean is the smartest, coolest, and most handsome guy in Shingeki, and he should be the protagonist.

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