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My parents do not impress me

When I listen to classical music or anything orchestrated, they’re all like:

And then when I listen to anything sung in Japanese or sounds Japanese, they’re like:

But either way, I’m always like:

And when they’re gone:

Knowing that my parents prefer the youngest child over me

That bitch does nothing but plays fucking Mabinogi all day - I don’t see him contributing jack squat to the damn family. I’m the lazy, fucked up kid? GO FUCK YOURSELF JACK ASS.

And just because he happens to be in a volleyball team. REALLY? HE ONLY PLAYS BECAUSE HE FEELS POPULAR AND COOL. That’s cool, ignore the older guy taking AP classes that wants to contribute to the economy. Thanks for killing off the remainder of my self-esteem guys. Really.

A rant about my dearest Mother.

Sorry this is just a little rant. I’m a little annoyed right now.

After sixteen years you’d think she’d learn a few obvious things that even my friends know. I don’t care how much she knows me personally, but seriously - she should really know these things.

Like 1, I am mean when I am comfortable. That’s just how I am. Even when I’m in a good mood I’ll act like the biggest jackass on the planet. I am a total bitch to my friends. That’s just how it goes. Do you seriously not know my personality? Sure, I’ll act like the innocent respectful kid around you and your stupid friends, but don’t think I’ll be acting like that when I feel like it. I am arrogant, selfish, and a total bastard okay? Take a look at yourself in the mirror before yelling at me for acting just a little disrespectful okay? Don’t bitch at me about being a bitch you bitch unless you have good reason for me not to act like a bitch, which is never may I add.

And also 2, I have a limp in my walk. No, I’m not trying to be funny and mimic a penguin. Are you for real? Why the hell would I walk in public like a penguin? And just because I’m fat doesn’t mean I’ll go waddling around like an idiot. Clearly you watch way too much fucking TV to think that fat people my size I have walking problems. Don’t use my ‘penguin walk’ as an excuse to ridicule my fatness. I’m absolutely fine with my obesity okay? Can you seriously tell me you had no idea I had a small limp in my walk? I walk just fine thank you for not noticing. Thanks for noticing the difference between a penguin’s waddle and my limp. Thanks a lot.

Then there’s 3, I love you enough to deal with your bullshit. It’s true, I hate you almost equally, but I still love you since your my mother. What’s wrong with me talking back once in a while - especially when I’m right. You don’t have to me fucking domineering okay? Don’t go threatening to kill me or kick me out of the house for no god damn reason and then yell at me for not loving you - you give me good reason to be pissed off as hell. All you do is point out every of my mistakes and belittle me for them; would you like me to list your list of bullshit here too? I’m sure you wouldn’t like that. But seriously, if I didn’t love you at all - I wouldn’t cry for you when you got sent to the hospital, or walk all the way to the store, and get lost, to buy you a stupid mother’s day gift, or give you hundreds of dollars to buy your stupid useless shit. So just shut up with your bullshit and keep it to yourself - like I’ve been doing.

Okay, I feel a little better. No, not really - but this got some pressure off of me. Sorry about that. I just needed to type my anger out. That’s how I roll.

And it kind of went to me saying ‘you’ instead of actually saying mother - so don’t freak out thinking I’m yelling at you in particular. Just keep that in mind. *shot*

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So one of the planks holding my bed up broke and my mom blamed me first.

Getting a bad mark on a test…


My reaction:

How I act when telling my parents:

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When your mom or dad wakes you up for school


When they first wake you up:

As soon as they walk out:

When you hear them coming to wake you up for a second time:

“I’m up, I’m up!” [and repeat~]

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