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I don't even post original stuff. I just spam pretty things. Leave while you have the chance. No seriously. Why are you still here.

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So, someone mind giving me a hint on how to beat Demise?

I totally suck at this game for realz and Fi is no help whatsoever.

Do I really have to get the Hylian Shield? *flips desk*


So I got Skyward Sword in November.

And I’m still stuck at the fucking Triforce place.

And my stupidity.

Just curious - does anyone wanna’ see my LOZ oc?

He’s totally irrelevant. For real.

I made him Groose’s little brother. *SHOTDEAD*

Lost three followers today.

I think they’re scared of Ghirahim. That’s fine, don’t come back.

Come back when you can handle this.

Skyward Sword Theme Reversed
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